Sunday, September 27, 2009


Its pretty hard to make myself go for a walk lately with roaming bears (we had 2 in the yard on Friday) and moose, fear of hunter's bullets, rain and wind..... mostly rain. And this cold (the coughing kind) still hasn't gone away but I took a short walk up the river this afternoon. I've been wanting to try colored pencils, thinking I could do something faster with them than with waiting for watercolor to dry.... I couldn't. I spent 20 minutes trying and turned my paper over and started a watercolor. It didn't go much better.

At least the values are right after a lot of reworking at home. It was a pleasant time there, but I was alert for any sounds behind me. And must remember to wear gloves the next time I go out.


Juneau1 said...

Hi again, Carole. Just curious if you used some water-soluble pen on this one, or if that's a permanent pen and dark watercolor? Cheers, K

Carole Baker said...

Its a permanent pen (Nexus I think) and dark watercolor.