Sunday, September 13, 2009


Still raining much of the time and getting a bit cooler... it's 48 degrees now at 3 pm. The last few days have been windy too... the wind stopped today though. I went on the Smokehouse balcony on Friday and got a start on 2 little paintings. Quite often I'll start a second one while waiting for the first one to dry before going back into it. The southeast wind came right onto where I was sitting and I didn't finish. But I walked over today about noon and finished both of them... no wind, no rain.

I started this one by first drawing with pencil on CP Arches and the drawing is more like the actual view than the second one which I didn't draw first.

I'm not sure what this paper is.... smoother and I like it for these small paintings. The color seems to lie on top of the paper and is brighter. On neither of these did I get the strip of water of Icy Passage to show as light as it appeared next to everything else. Its the values again.

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