Thursday, January 11, 2007


Here it is almost halfway through January. I didn't resolve this year to do a daily piece of art work which was the reason for and subject of this blog, and I just haven't been into painting the little landscapes I've mostly shown here. The weather hasn't been at all good for going outside and doing much of anything. After falling on the ice a couple of times, I don't go out side without studs on my boots. When there isn't anything wet and cold falling from the sky it is much too cold to hold a pencil or brush. And I'm just tired of painting the trees outside my window.

Most of the people who have told me they enjoy reading and looking here say it is seeing the watercolors of where I live. Well, I've been living almost exclusively inside, so that is what the pictures will be of for a while.

I didn't pick up a paint brush for a couple of weeks, the perennial slump I have around this time of year. Over the holidays I did made a little progress on a couple of projects...a quilt and organizing hundreds of photographs....and last week, on schedule, I got back into the studio and after a couple of failed starts have painted a still lifes and am setting up another.

The days are starting to get longer. There is now a little bit of daylight left at 4 p.m! Yesterday was sunny, but down in the teens. Still cold, but cloudy today and snow expected tomorrow; we've had a few inches in the last week. Much of the 4 feet accumulation from November and December is gone. A 5.8 quake north of here woke me up Tuesday morning.

This was done at Kim and Waynes' brunch on New Years day. Kim made potato pancakes.

....and this was yesterday morning, visiting and drinking coffee with Aimee in her kitchen.

This is a little 4x4 sketch, one of several I did while setting up a larger painting.