Monday, March 19, 2007


This has certainly been the winter for snow around here. I don't know how much has fallen but it keeps piling up. It is near record for the year and Eaglecrest, the ski slope in Juneau has the deepest snow than any ski area in the whole world.... 19 feet, I think.

The snow is quite beautiful and I've gotten out a couple of times cross-country skiing in the last week. I've taken my paints out a few times but it has just been too, too cold to do anything, and the view from the window just doesn't inspire. I did find a couple of ones I did in December and didn't post.

This is the view North of our house, out the bedroom window. All the others I've posted have been the view looking South.

I didn't date this one, but I'm pretty sure it was late in December. The snow was melted down for a while in places around the trees and some of the open fields were clear. We didn't see very many moose for a while in January and February but they have been quite abundant lately.