Tuesday, September 29, 2009


First frost last night, beautiful day today. I've been away from home the last couple of years this time of year, and am realizing how much I've missed the fall here..... at least on the glorious days like today. I'm still dragging from my cold, but managed to walk with Van to the boat harbor. I stayed behind after he did some work on the boat and painted.

This old troller has seen better days; it hasn't been in the water in years. The blue on it is a tattered tarp.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Its pretty hard to make myself go for a walk lately with roaming bears (we had 2 in the yard on Friday) and moose, fear of hunter's bullets, rain and wind..... mostly rain. And this cold (the coughing kind) still hasn't gone away but I took a short walk up the river this afternoon. I've been wanting to try colored pencils, thinking I could do something faster with them than with waiting for watercolor to dry.... I couldn't. I spent 20 minutes trying and turned my paper over and started a watercolor. It didn't go much better.

At least the values are right after a lot of reworking at home. It was a pleasant time there, but I was alert for any sounds behind me. And must remember to wear gloves the next time I go out.

Friday, September 25, 2009


I've had a cold all week and haven't done much since Monday but sleep, read, and watch TV. Feeling better today and went over to the Gustavus Inn and picked a bunch of flowers.... some poppies, sweet peas, a dahlia, and these little pansies.

Monday, September 21, 2009


On Saturday night, I watched a movie about Georgia O'Keefe. I've read a lot about her-- a biography or 2, have been a fan of her flower paintings for a long time and have seen a few for real, but for the first time I became aware of how large some of the paintings are..... in particular one of the red poppy paintings which are my favorites.

The white flowers that were shown in the movie really caught my eye which inspired me on Sunday to paint these petunias from my sun-room. I added the background today.

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Another day without rain and I put the kayak in the river at the boat harbor an hour before a 19 foot tide and paddled up the river. I got as far as the log near Page's cabin. Its such a pleasant paddle, really easy going with the tide both ways. Several people fishing, some in waders and some on the banks; lots of birds. I met Chris and Julie in their kayaks on my way back down.

I was reluctant to put yesterday's painting on the blog.... when I do them so fast, they never look like what I want...... without time for washes to dry, things just run together and I lose the color and shape of things. Well here's another one done too fast.

This is what I painted in a very few minutes... I wanted to at least get the colors right and kind of did, but failed on the values.

Friday, September 18, 2009


Yesterday, Thursday, another mostly rainy day, but I got out for a bike ride to Kim's and enjoyed and painted her view toward the mouth of the river.... high tide.

Today, no rain! I rode my bike to the PO and to Lois', had a nice visit and some delicious tea and painted the trees out her window.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Definitely an inside day..... haven't been outside at all except to do my twice daily slug patrol in the garden. Moose hunting season opened today and this being the only city in the state to allow hunting in the city limits, I choose to stay inside. And its raining again too.

I have been thinking about doing a woodcut of nasturtiums for a Baren exchange and have something like this composition in mind.... will have to do a lot less detail which is always a challenge fpr me.

Monday, September 14, 2009


I work for a couple or 3 hours most Mondays at the local second hand store, The Community Chest. It was raining as I rode my bike there this morning, but by 12:30 when I left, the sun was out for the first time in a while. The sky was beautiful and thankfully, I had my paint kit and went up north of the bridge to the river edge.

This was one of the two little paintings I did. I got the sky right on both of them, but the trees a different matter.... this was the best of the two.

I spent the afternoon in the garden. I harvested my potatoes and some cabbages... the largest was 25 pounds.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Still raining much of the time and getting a bit cooler... it's 48 degrees now at 3 pm. The last few days have been windy too... the wind stopped today though. I went on the Smokehouse balcony on Friday and got a start on 2 little paintings. Quite often I'll start a second one while waiting for the first one to dry before going back into it. The southeast wind came right onto where I was sitting and I didn't finish. But I walked over today about noon and finished both of them... no wind, no rain.

I started this one by first drawing with pencil on CP Arches and the drawing is more like the actual view than the second one which I didn't draw first.

I'm not sure what this paper is.... smoother and I like it for these small paintings. The color seems to lie on top of the paper and is brighter. On neither of these did I get the strip of water of Icy Passage to show as light as it appeared next to everything else. Its the values again.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


It was a rainy and windy day. All afternoon I wanted to go for a walk. Now, after 5, with a glass of wine, up stairs on the computer.... no rain. I actually see blue sky above the fast moving clouds and know I should really go out for a while. But I'm so comfortable and I'll use the excuse that a bear walked through the yard today.

I'm loving the time of year. There is a relaxation of the activity of the summer.... friends who run a B&B stopped by today... the first time all summer they felt free to relax and visit. Another friend I talked to today took the day off and was reading a book. To me the storm outside is really rather invigorating to my senses. As everyone else is slowing down, I seem to find this a most productive time of year in the studio. I worked several hours on the commissioned piece I'd been avoiding for several weeks.... one inch at a time, and it is starting to look like what I have in mind.

This is from my studio window. The thermal-pane window from where I sit and paint has fogged up in the the last year and I haven't done much painting from it, and moved to the other one.... pretty much the same view. Some new color in the cottonwood and willow.

I don't have to feel guilty anymore for not going outside.... it's raining again.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Transition time: Van coming home for the fall and winter. He lives on his boat all summer and is here at home all winter. This has been our life for 38 years. A few of those years, I have spent some time on the boat, but for the most part I am home. Van being home, the fishing season (whether good or bad) over, the garden harvesting, the winter supplies in, the fish smoking, the fall color, and the tourist's departure all make for my favorite time of the year. And for the first time in months, I am anxious to get to the studio in the morning. It's about time.


I planned to paint in gouache on a black ground, but while looking for paper, I found some smooth paper that I think is Yupo and did this little painting of a viola. I gave it to Aimee at her birthday party Sunday night.


A zucchini to go with the flower I did on Friday. I've had a bumper crop,the plants covered much of the time with my visquine a-frame. I splattered masking fluid for the spots on this before painting the dark.


I started this in June, worked on it some when the fireweed were blooming and finally finished today.... had planned to put on a brochure than never got done. I'll have it for next year.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


The trip to town went well.... good weather both ways and while we were there. We got our winter supplies and visited Lee and Alyssa and came back sooner than planned.... I thought I'd have to fly home on Thursday to be home on Friday, but we were able come back on the boat on Thursday. I slept most of the way into Juneau and part of the way back and didn't do a bit of painting.

Yesterday, Friday, I helped lead a group of Elderhostel visitors on a walk on the Nagoonberry trail... or rather helped bring up the rear. It was a fun walk and I was able to answer most of the questions about the flora and a little more. I started a sketch while waiting for the group to come, but didn't have time to paint it.... maybe I"ll finish it and post another day. It was overcast and rained later in the day.

But today has been sunny and I spent much of the day in the garden.

Part of the time was spent painting this. Occasionally I'll try painting without drawing in pencil first. Maybe I'd get good at it some day if I did it more.