Friday, November 30, 2018

Another Trip To Juneau

I took the ferry to Juneau on Monday for an appointment on Tuesday, and painted this while stopped in Hoonah.

 I waited for a plane to come home on Tuesday but the flight was cancelled because of fog, so I returned on the Wednesday ferry.

 This is the third time I've painted this view from the ferry docked in Hoonah where we stop between Gustavus and Hoonah.  It was a shorter stop than usual and I did what I could.

This is looking north as we approached Hoonah.

I'm now listening to the radio with news of the earthquake in Anchorage.  We didn't feel a thing here.

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Beautiful Sky from the Beach Road

We had a break from the rainy weather on Tuesday and I drove down to the beach and caught a beautiful display of light in the sky from around two until about 3:30. These are two of the three paintings and I took a bunch of photos too.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Once Again, Catching Up

 I just keep getting more and more behind in my posting, so today I'm posting most of the little paintings I've done in the last couple of weeks and will start with a new one tomorrow.

Above is one I did on one of my last days in Florida at the Children's Garden at Bok Tower in Lake Wales.

This is bamboo

 and this bird of paradise  at my cousin's pool room in Palmetto.

On the way home, I spent a night a downtown Juneau with a friend and painted this from her upstairs window looking over roofs.

Back home its been hard to get back in the habit of painting the little watercolors everyday, especially finding a subject to paint. I painted this onion twice one day.

 and a couple of views from a friends house on the river another day.  This is the only one I liked.

This was from memory of the sunrise on Friday, and I don't like what I painted today and yesterday, and  as I often do,  will not put them here.  Tomorrow will be a new beginning.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Trip, Part 3,

Always a stop when I go to Central Florida is the Lake Kissimee State Park and for me the live oaks are the main attraction.  This year I went with my brother and didn't have time to paint, but painted these from photos later.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Trip, Part 2

These seed pods are from a golden rain tree in my son's yard.  The tree is a native of India and quite common now in Florida yards.  The flowers are yellow and these pods grow in large reddish clusters.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Trip to Seattle and Florida, Part 1


I got back from my almost three week trip to Seattle and Florida late Friday.  I painted this boat in the boatyard from the ferry while stopped in Hoonah  on the way to Juneau on the  first leg of my trip on Monday, October 22.  I spent the night in Juneau before flying to Seattle on the next day where I spent three days, mostly with appointments at Virginia Mason Hospital.  I didn't even pick up a paint brush, the longest I've gone since February without painting.

I  did draw these at Seatac while waiting for my flight to Orlando.