Thursday, August 13, 2009


There is a new place to walk in our little town..... the Nagoon Berry Loop, which is on part of the Nature Conservancy protected land. Three AmeriCorp workers have have been working on it all summer and are almost through. Its about 2 and a half miles, near the beach, first through a wooded area and wanders to the trail (now pretty much a road) to the Retoot area. The trail is aptly named. I picked and ate hand fulls of the juicy burgundy berries.

This is the 3rd time I've walked the trail in the last couple of weeks and enjoyed seeing some of the last wild flowers of the year... golden rods, aster, fireweed and the smaller meadow herb, yarrow, and Indian paint brush; and also a few boletes though unfortunately they were pretty wormy.

Since I wasn't walking with friends this time, I took my paints. I waited until I got in site of the water before sitting down and doing this of Pleasant Island and Chichikof Island in the distance. Seems I most often gravitate towards the water to sit and paint...... maybe because its easier?

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