Monday, August 10, 2009


Van came home today. He brought the boat up the river and when the tide was out, he cleaned the bottom some and changed a zinc. I biked down and took him some dinner a little before the sun went down.

It was getting pretty dark so I just had time for a pencil drawing.... a quick one. I do very few pencil drawings other than an outline before painting and found this kind of a challenge.... I paid more attention to the values (lightness and darkness) than I do when painting and I'm reminded that I would improve my painting by paying more attention to the values.

There are some interesting thoughts on sketching and drawing on Robert Genn's Painter's key here and Karin Jurick's DSFDF here.


Mary Anne Cary said...

Carole, I agree. I rarely do pencil drawings with value studies, and have been thinking I need to start that practice!
In regards to your question to me, the paper I most like to use is Art Spectrum, black. I like the results I get with that black ground. I've fooled with other colors, but am not successful. The other one I use sometimes and is a great one is Wallis, the tan color.

Carole Baker said...

Thanks for letting me know the paper you use. The black is on my list now of things for my next art supply order.