Tuesday, August 4, 2009


What a wonderful day! Kate and Fritz invited me along with 7 other friends on their boat, the
Great Sea, to go whale watching at Pt. Adolphus.There was lots of humpback activity. We drifted, watching and listening to the whales and sea lions, ate cake and enjoyed the warm weather and friendship. We ended the afternoon with a stop at Pleasant Island where we walked on Long beach for about an hour.I had started this little drawing a few weeks ago. Finished it this morning before we left the dock.
We have been enveloped in a haze of smoke from forest fires in the interior and Yukon for a few days. Perhaps some is fog.
Glassy calm water made it easy to sketch and paint.

The Great Sea is a catamaran. I sketched this from the bow of the left hull looking across at the right bow. The following is the inspiration for the boats name.

"The sea is the source of water and the source of wind; for neither would blasts of wind arise in the clouds and blow out from within them, except for the great sea, nor would the streams of rivers nor the rain-water in the sky exist but for the sea ; but the great sea is the begetter of clouds and winds and rivers. "

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