Friday, August 7, 2009


For years, mostly in the summer,I have joined friends walking from 4-corners to the end of the dock and back.... round trip is about 3 miles. This summer 2 friends (Annie and JoAnn) have been very diligent and have done the walk almost everyday at 9 AM. I and a few others aren't so consistent.... I've probably averaged a couple of times a week with them. This week, though, the walks are taking place elsewhere because dump trucks are going by every few minutes with loads of gravel for the "tank farm." A couple of days ago we walked on the new Nagoonberry Loop trail.... I also walked it on Sunday. Today, I went to 4-corners at 9 to meet the walkers, but they weren't there, so I walked the dock road by myself but only went as far as the boat harbor.... the trucks are obnoxious. I had heard that there have been a lot of Caspian terns hanging out at the harbor, but there was nothing moving but a few ravens. The tide was low. Maybe I'll go back and look when the tide is high. The smoke from the fires is still causing a haze, but there are real clouds now. There was just a little bit of rain yesterday morning and hopefully there will be more soon. It has been so dry. I used some white gouache with my watercolors this morning, better to depict the opaque atmosphere.


r garriott said...

Your postcard is lovely; beautiful sky. Hope your serenity returns soon. Sounds pretty loud there. Thanks for your well wishes.

Mary Anne Cary said...

Carol, I love the sky and simplicity in this. Very evocative. (I think that's the right word!) Whale watching sounded great!! Wish I was there!

Carole Baker said...

R and Mary Anne, Jeeze, I'm late thanking both of you for your kind words here.