Sunday, June 14, 2009


Yesterday, I opened my gallery for the first time this year .... also mowed the lawn and worked in the garden a little..... there had finally been some rain Friday night. I was planning to go out and paint yesterday evening, started out a couple of times and it started sprinkling before I got to my bike both times, but it never did much. I painted these nasturtiums that need to be put in the garden but are still on the sun porch on a piece of hemp watercolor paper.... I don't recommend the paper.

I painted this at the beach this morning. There are 2 large clumps of these Northern Lady's slipper plants near the Yellow one that I sketched on Friday. Another overcast day, but no more rain.

I'm making an effort to combine my walking and biking with my daily paintings.. I read about the Sketchercise internet group on Katherine Tyrrell's blog Making a Mark, and applied to join it, as it seemed to be a small group where I could share what I love to do. I was very disappointed when I was not accepted to the group and also a bit perplexed.... acceptance was decided by what appeared on this blog and mine "missed the exercise element." Granted, I haven't been combining the 2 very much in the last month or so, but I have been walking and riding my bike for many miles every week as I always do when weather permits, and while in Cedar Key for most of 2 months, I walked practically every day for at least an hour, and on many of those days walked to where I painted and brought home plants which I painted.... not every thing I've sketched is on this blog. I've taken my sketchbook and used it walking, hiking, biking, and kayaking for years.

Anyway, Katherine started another Sketchercise group on Flickr for wannabees which I joined. I don't know how Flickr groups work and have to put in some time to figure out how to post pictures. I do often get lazy and don't want to walk or ride my bike, especially when its raining or snowing, so hopefully this group will help me get out there and exercise more often.

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