Friday, June 12, 2009


I'm back to daily painting! At least for 3 days.

Wednesday, I rode my bike to the beach and sat in the bench that appeared this spring west of the dock. About a dozen eagles were hanging out on the tide flats as well as some crows, at least 2 of which were in the trees behind me, squalking while I sketched. This is one of 2 little postcards.... the other had birds but they didn't look much like birds, so you only get to see this one. It was overcast, but the sun came out later in the day.

Yesterday, after a busy day working on my gallery and some studio painting, I had about an hour before I had to start getting ready to go to a dinner party and biked to the beach again, thinking I'd do another painting of the same as Wednesday, but in the sun and with the tide in. But the wind was blowing too hard to sit on the bench and I decided to walk over to see if the lady slipper was open and it was..... earlier than usual this year, I think.
I didn't count the blossoms, but there were a lot more than what I had time to draw and paint in 20 minutes. Could have painted a little longer as I got home faster than I did getting there with the wind on my back.

Overcast today, finally a little rain last night, the first in almost 2 weeks. I decided to put some time in on the garden. I've been putting off transplanting my cabbages and brocolli from the A-frame until it started raining. The ground is still dry as a bone, but did it anyway. It will probably get seriously wet tomorrow..... just in time for the farmers market and rhubarb festival tomorrow.

I worked in the studio this afternoon on this rhubarb..... had thought I might do some little rhubarb paintings and take to sell tomorrow at the market, but couldn't do anything fast.

This took most of the afternoon having started it yesterday, and its still not done. I tried to do a quick sketch yesterday, but the leaves wilt so fast. I took some photos, one of which I did this from. Its about 14 inches wide, too big for the scanner and cropped some..... should be on my other blog, and maybe will be when it's finished.

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