Saturday, June 20, 2009


I'll probably never get the habit of posting everyday. I do try though. My postcards drawn on Wednesday and Thursday didn't get painted until this morning.
YeeGads! I didn't rotate the scan.... I'll fix it later.
Petunias on the sunporch Wednesday evening.

No, I wasn't in Sitka. Thanks to effort by local music lovers (Thanks especially to Sandy and George) our little town is so lucky to have some of the musicians come here most every summer for a concert. They are always fabulous. You can read about the festival here.

Yesterday I stopped at the golf coarse on my way back from walking to the end of the dock from 4-corners with Annie and JoAnn. This is one of several old farm relics on the coarse.

And speaking of the dock.... yesterday ground breaking took place for the building of the new one. Rumor had it that Sarah Palin was coming.

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