Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Down to the beach on my bike this morning and set on the nice new bench and just gazed at the calm waters of Icy Strait for a while before getting out my paper, as there were a few drops of rain. I watched a lone kayaker come from the river and cross my view. It surely must had been my neighbor Bonnie who was to begin a 3 week solo trip this morning down the coast to Sitka. She came over last night to put things in my freezer (she lives without electricity) and though she is a very experienced paddler and camper I became a bit worried when she said she didn't have any bear spray, so I gave her mine.... she will be camping in major brown bear country.

The rain stopped and I painted the view across Icy Strait..... the little speck between the 2 other boats (a fish charter boat and a zodiac) is Bonnie.

West towards the passes was a hugh cruise ship.... a few pass by every day in the summer on their way in and out of Glacier Bay..... little cities on the horizons.

A sunny afternoon.... unexpected.


Anonymous said...

Dear Carole:

I check your site regularly and as a beginning water color painter, enjoy your paintings. My husb. and I used to live in Juneau and have several of your watercolors in our collection. I attend a w/c class weekly and have learned a lot this past yr. I particularly enjoy your Ak. landscapes and your flowers. Yrs. ago we used to fish in the Straits, Pleasant Isle., Adolphus, Elfin Cove, Deer Hbr, Yacobi, etc. Keep painting!

Carole Baker said...

Anonymous, Thank you so much for writing. It means a lot to me to know that someone out there is reading and seeing what I'm doing. Did I ever meet you? You keep painting too.

Sandy said...

In these pieces your capture of the skies is Awe inspiring!!! How I would love to see these in person (and those actual skies for that matter)