Friday, January 30, 2009


I decided to try painting another leaf after doing such a lousy job last week. I did this of another leaf on illustration board.

I worked all day painting a larger painting on Thursday, and so for the first time this year didn't do a little painting. But I did 3 on Tuesday and this is one of them. I drove down to the beach, too cold and windy to go for a walk, but painted this from the car... lots of snow and very dark water.

Yesterday we got a box of fresh produce flown in from Juneau, the first in quite a while. Its so nice to have fresh tomatoes and avocados this time of year.


James Parker said...

Wow. I do so admire your exceptional skill with color. The works you do that incorporate bright colors have a vibrancy to them. This is an excellent piece. Oh, and Carole...I added your main blog to my site...I wish you would put a follower gadget on it...more people should see your work.

Carole Baker said...

Thank you so much, James. I really do appreciate the positive words! I'll be perusing your blogs soon and will have to find out what a follower gadget is. I've got a lot to learn about blogging.

Hillary Miller said...

ah, such precious things when they are scarce. I am so lucky to have them easily available here in California. Glad to know you can get them, at least some times! It's a charming, fresh painting.