Friday, January 2, 2009


This is my first posting here since the beginning of last year. I've decided to revive this blog and keep up my other one as well. Again this year, I will probably be painting a lot of views out one or the other of my windows to the south.

Yesterday morning, New Years day, the morning was gorgeous. The scan of my little painting lost the color in the sky, though. The temperature was 10 below 0 that morning. Four moose wandering around the field, gone when I started painting .

This morning, a gray sky and snow. A light snow for most of the day. I went out this evening and a sliver of the moon was showing through thin clouds and snow.

I painted these 2 in an old sketch book of nice fairly heavy drawing paper. I bought a beautiful handmade book with Fabriano watercolor paper when I was in Florence but decided to fill up some blank pages of others books before I start painting in it. My postcards will probably be mostly in book form from now on. Most of the ones on this blog so far have been on separate pieces of paper. I've always thought of them as my journal, though, and have not sold or given but a very few away. I keep them in cigar boxes and some day might put them into a book.

This and the next one are in another little book I made with a few pages still blank. this is on Nidiggen paper with gouache.

I'm not sure what kind of paper this is. It's the same little cyclamen. I started it from seed about a year ago.

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