Friday, January 16, 2009

14th, 15th and 16th

I was asked to show some of my paintings at the school for a few weeks, and decided to include some of the watercolor postcards I had done in 2006. I mounted about 60 of them on 4 pieces of matboard and hung them yesterday. It was fun to get them out and go through them and reminded me what a worthwhile thing it was doing them. And after doing them now for 16 days without fail, I am resolving to do one everyday of 2009. Well, I've done it now; guess I am committed.

I've been having trouble getting on line lately.... something to do with power outages in Juneau, I've been told by AT&T. Rather frustrating. So I will probably continue not posting them daily.

Wednesday painting was out the window again, but on different paper in a different book. Smoke from a neighbors fire and the rare sun shining through flattened out the trees.
Merlot and crackers, after a busy day.
Thick fog today, and another painting of my view from the studio window.

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