Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I'm Back from Juneau

It was a good trip to town. I spent much of my time with my sweet grand-daughter Alyssa and stayed in the lovely home of the Mark family in Douglas. I really appreciate their generosity. I did some shopping and had a memorable meal of king crab with Michelle and Jon. I didn't have the time or energy to paint much.

I did this out the back window, down the hill from the Mark's house on Wednesday. I find the older houses in Juneau and Douglas very interesting and attractive.

Van was home for a few days with troll closure. He's back out in Cross Sound now.

Making reservations for our train trip beginning next month has been taking much of my time today and yesterday.

This is one of 2 views I painted yesterday out my window. There is an active Bald Eagle nest in one of the spruce trees (the dark one on the left). At least one chick is regularly flapping his wings and should be fledging soon.

Some of the cottonwoods and willow are starting to turn a bit and the meadows are no longer green. And the rains continue.

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