Tuesday, August 1, 2006

August 1, 2006

It was a busy week, and I still don't seem to be over this virus or whatever it is. I've hardly been in the studio at all the last 2 weeks. And the few times I left the house with my paints, it started raining... once again.

I did this of the field of fireweed from the doorway of the gallery on Sunday when I was working.

This evening, with a new month and new resolve, I went down to the beach and painted. It only sprinkled a little bit.

More fireweed. My scans are not getting the color right.... or is it something else? I painted the flowers with opera, not toned down much and they are really a bit garish in the original, so maybe its a good thing.

And there was lots of indian paintbrush... the yellow and orange ones are abundant there. Unfortunately, the ATVs and motorcycles are making new tracks up parallel to the river now (thankfully not quite to the orchids yet) and the one clump of bright red paintbrush that I found had been run over.

Sunlight was coming through the clouds shining on the ridge. I would love to be up there now.
It felt good to be out painting at the beach again. Would have stayed longer, but 4 ATVs and motorcycles came down.... not close to where I was, but the noise was pretty obnoxious.

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