Sunday, June 4, 2006


In December of last year, I made a New Year's resolution to do at least one postcard size piece of art everyday of the year. After about a week I revised that to having 30 at the end of each month. I did pretty well, was way ahead of that until last month when I started slacking off.... I probably only did about a dozen in May. A few days ago I was surfing the web and found the blog of a woman in England who challenged herself to walk a mile and do a piece of art at her desitination every day. She had done so and posted her sketches and talked about her walks on the blog daily....I can't seem to find that site again but will keep looking and hopefully find it again and give her credit for my inspiration. Blogging, it seems, helps keep the motivation going for artists. Maybe instead of just tossing the sketches into a box, by putting them here for anyone to see, by creating an audience, I'll feel some obligation to keep up my resolve.

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