Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I went out Monday, one of the very few sunny days this month, with my pastels and easel, in hopes of painting lupine. To avoid an audience, I went to Kims and after a half hour or so and 2 starts, I gave up. I've never done a successful painting of a field of lupines with watercolor and my first attempts with pastels weren't any better. I then drove down towards the beach and from the car did the little sketch here and then started a larger one of the same view. After an hour or so, I decided it wasn't worth finishing.

This is the watercolor sketch I did from the car.

Yesterday was sunny too, and I went out in front of the house and set and did these two closer up sketches. the first was drawn first with a pink Nexus pen then painted. I painted the second one without drawing first.... I think I like it best.

It rained almost all day today. Was planning to try to paint some lupines from photos I took yesterday, but the studio was such a mess, I decided to do some cleaning up instead.
After I got one surface cleared I started collaging a book cover. So much for lupines.

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