Sunday, June 25, 2006

June 25,2006
I changed the name of this blog today from "Sketched Observations" to "Sketches and Other Things" as now I want to include more than my postcard size sketches. I had to push myself to do anything yesterday. Finally, late in the afternoon, I went and worked in the garden and then did this sketch from the yard. I've done these trees, as seen from the south windows of the house numerous times...the large spruce has an active eagle next in it. I used a different palette for this sketch and don't like the colors I came up with.

Today it rained almost all day and really hard, like it does in October. It's been raining most of the month which has not been the norm for the last few years. And the lupines are prettier than they've been for the last few years too, and not so early. The rain let up around 3 and I biked down to the beach, set on the picnic table over towards the river and did some sketches. Here's one of them, looking over towards the river. An eagle never left the post while I sketched.

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