Thursday, June 29, 2006

White Roses and More Lupines

I painted these roses from my studio window this morning... some kind of rugosa, I think. A few years ago, I took some plants to a neighbor of my mother in Florida who grew and sold all kinds of exotic roses. She could hardly keep this one alive. It seems to like it here. As I painted the wind whipped the branch back and forth and a few petals fell off. I always seem to have an excuse for not getting things quite right.

I have no idea why this scan is smaller than the rose. The sketches are the same size, about 4x6 inches, as all the things I've posted so far are. After working at the library this afternoon, I biked down Glen's Ditch Road to where I'd heard the lupines were spectacular and they were. I think this captured them a little better than in the previous post and if its not raining tomorrow I will go back with larger paper and try again. The scan though isn't quite right in color and value either... the background of mountains is darker and more blue in the original.

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