Sunday, July 15, 2018

The Last Five Days

Its the fifteenth day of the month and I have done 15 postcards.  And I've managed to finish two oil paintings and start another this week  Now I'm going to catch up with my posting and try my best to post daily this coming week, plus do about 10 other things on my list.

This was Wednesday's painting.... trying to paint flowers faster without a good pencil drawing first.  I ended up with no room for the jar.

On Thursday, I tried again, drawing with a fine point red Micron pen.  I drew the jar with an aqua blood bleeding pen, but it was in line with the flowers, so out came the black gouache and I cropped the bottom.

A friend brought a bag of cherries by on Thursday, some that a guest had brought her.   It was hard not to eat them all before painting them. 

Yesterday was busy and I was able to do these pretty quickly.  I about had them memorized.

Today we were finally getting some serious rain.  I painted this about noon; I moved a lot of trees.  Later this afternoon, a black bear and her two cubs were here. First the cubs climbed one of our mountain ash trees and ate berries while their mom scratched her back on the tree.  Then the three went out to the strawberry patch (just to the left of this scene), and spent an hour or so. 

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