Friday, June 22, 2018

Monday and Tuesday Postcards

I got on line today (Friday)  to put some new postcards on and see that this never got posted.  I've really had a hard time with the internet and phone lately..... too many tourists using it here, I guess.  I tether from my phone to get on line and quite often there is no signal.  I can usually go to the library and connect there.

I seem to have a good signal now, so here goes and I'll wait until tomorrow to post the new ones.

I biked to the beach Monday evening. I found a place below my favorite trees to paint, away from the campers (4 tents) and loud partiers .  The lupine are in full bloom and there are some rare white ones east of the road.

This is a foot bridge across the ditch between our house and neighbors.   Ditches were dug here to drain the much lower land during WWII when an airstrip was built to refuel jets.  It has been dry and there is no water in it now, but usually fills up to below the plank in the fall.  I sat on the berm above and painted this Tuesday afternoon.

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