Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Back from Seattle


 I came back from a four day trip to Seattle last night.  I took my paints but, shamefully, didn't paint a thing.  But I do have these that I'd done last week.  I'd put the images in a couple of posts which I never posted and couldn't seem to finish from my ipad.  So now, here those are in a new post.
I painted this of the Good River with Ellie and Chris again near Ellie's house on the 5th.


 These were of the only tulip that wasn't fading last week.

Picking  spruce tips, the new growth that comes each year, has become a little cottage industry around here.  They are used by locals to make various concoctions and are bought by the pound, mostly by the Alaska Brewing Company which makes a popular spruce IPA,  with a "tart, berry-like bubblegum character."


Unfortunately some of the easiest trees to get to are at our beach and look like this one.... I painted this a few years ago.

Now it is time to get out and paint!

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Dory R. said...

The light in this one is just lovely!