Friday, June 15, 2018

Afternoon at the Beach

After spending the morning making 20 jars of jam with last years strawberries and raspberries  plus habanera peppers that I bought in Juneau on my way from Seattle,  I drove to the beach to see the flowers and paint.  The lupines are beautiful and there are some white ones among the lavender ones.... very unusual. 

about4x3 inches

There are 13 blooms on the yellow lady slipper and about 3 more that might open.  I've worried for years that ATVs and cycles would run over it, but now two spruce are quite close and may overtake it. I started painting it, but the wind came up and I was just too cold to do much.  I painted a little bit more from the photo when I got home.

I painted my favorite two trees again from my car.  Other trees are becoming more apparent.  The pine tree, just as the ones in my yard is becoming more and more brown, though it didn't appear so from my vantage point.

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