Saturday, January 16, 2010


I've done several monochromatic gouache paintings in the last couple of weeks as I follow the 2010 Gouache Corner Challenge Thread on Wet Canvas. This is one I did today.

These are some trees I see from my window..... there are some behind them on the right that I left off. We had over a foot of snow this week and now its raining and there's starting to be some bare ground out there.


Sandy said...

Sounds just like our weather on the East Coast. I hate January Rain!!! Lovely trees, we don't have a lot of pines in our woods.

Carole Baker said...

I should have said that these are Sitka Spruce, the most predominant tree around here. We have a lot of Coastal Pines and Western Hemlock too; Mountain Hemlock in higher altitudes. Its always nice to get your comments. Thank you.