Saturday, January 30, 2010


The sunshine didn't last much longer. It has snowed and has mostly been raining for the last few days. I've been continuing on with gouache paintings. Here is one I did a while back.

gouache on mat board 3.5x5 "

I took a walk in late afternoon fog and took a photo of my nearest wintertime neighbor's house and painted this next morning. Kind of reminds me of one of those Kincaid guy's painting.


Debbie Drechsler said...

Carole, I love your gouache paintings! I don't know who the Kincaid guy is but I really love how you captured the wintery, foggy atmosphere. Lovely work!

Mary Anne Cary said...

No way, much better than that Kincaid guy!!

Sandy said...

Very nice, this would make a great note card!!

Carole Baker said...

Debbie, Mary Anne, and Sandy, you are all so kind and encouraging and I love to get your comments. Thank you all.

Debbie, you aren't missing anything if you haven't seen his work... in my opinion. It's Thomas Kincade. I couldn't remember his first name and googled kincaid and his stuff was all over the first page. He's pretty famous for his lit up windows.

Mary Ann, then why aren't I a multimillionaire?

Sandy, that's a good idea... maybe next Christmas.