Saturday, March 14, 2009


Not much time to write much before the library closes... I could and might go out on the bench in front afterwards. And now I see that some of these photos of the paintings are out of focus. Well, darn.
This was from the side curb by the Baptist Church... I go there to make phone calls sometimes. Its on a hill near downtown and in the shade in the afternoon. That's a cedar tree.

This is an oak tree.... I posted the sketch I did on site on my last post, and finished it with gouache from a photo.
This is my cousin Martha's house across from where we are staying here in Cedar Key.... I love the crossed palm trees in front.

And this of a renovated historical house, relocated to the grounds of the very interesting museum grounds here.

Well, that's going to be it for now. I have kept up with my goal of a painting everyday, or I should say a painting for everyday, because there have been a few days that I haven't picked up a brush. Other days I've done 2 or 3. I'll get them posted sooner or later.


r garriott said...

Carole, you've been so busy! all beautiful. I especially like the one "looking across the canal South"

George said...

I like))) beautiful!!!

Jamie said...

Those are all wonderful, Carole! I'm glad to see you are enjoying your time in Cedar Key.

Carole Baker said...

Thank you, Randy, Gio and Jamie for taking time to comment....the feedback mean a lot to me.