Saturday, March 14, 2009


I found another place to get on line.... don't know how long this is going to last. The following are all in my little accordion Moleskine, which I'm hoping to fill up with Florida plants while I'm here.
A delightful smelling jasmine, which is twining around my cousin's citrus tree in her back yard which is in bloom. I dare not pick those citrus blossoms, as it is a small tree.

The paper in the moleskine leaves a lot to be desired for painting in watercolor.... it kind of pools up on the paper in washes. but I'm mostly using gouache which works pretty good..... I'm starting to talk southern again. Ive wiped out some mistake and the beige color of the paper seems to go to a white core. I don't know what that is about..... you can kind of see what I mean in the stem below the top 2 leaves.

This is lantana.... One of the few conversations with my grandpa growing up in Central Florida was sitting on the steps of his house with a sprig of the flower and him telling me that it would take over everything if you let it. It is quite common and has different colors..... I will find some of other colors, I'm sure, and paint them too.

Another flower from my childhood..... phlox. They grew in the spare lots around my home in Bartow. I have fond memories of picking hugh bouquets of them for my mother. She always put them in vases and they lasted for days. These are the first ones I've put in my book that weren't found in Cedar Key.... they were along the road between here and Chiefland.

I have found seeds for these and grown them in Alaska. They are Phlox drummondii, a native of Texas and named after Thomas Drummond who collected in the Mackenzie River.... I just learned that in the wildflower book I just bought. One of my favorite, beloved Alaska wildflowers is Dryas drummondii. Isn't that cool. I'll have to read more about Mister Drummond.

I remember these red seeds from my childhood too..... who could forget them. They are crab's-eye or rosary pea..... I think.... Abrus precatorius. The pod on the top of the page is a morning glory of some sort.... I had found in in my book but can't now and will have to edit this later.

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