Sunday, October 28, 2018

From the Past


I was in Seattle for much of this past week mostly with medical appointments, and came to Florida yesterday to visit with family and now I have some time to catch up.

 This is the longest I've gone more than two days without a watercolor postcard since February of this year.  I had done only one little watercolor last week, from the ferry on the way to Juneau on Monday. I did do a couple of pen and ink sketches while in Seattle and perhaps I will do some watercolor on the sketches and won't feel so bad.

The above was done a week ago, visiting a friend at her home before I left town.

I was surprised to fine this poppy in bloom week before last considering all the freezing we've had.

I planted the seedling that a friend gave me of this hollyhock in a pot and brought it in the house when it started getting cold and painted it the week before last.  When I left home last week there were over 25 bloom on it.

There are a few more postcards that I did before leaving home, but I failed to scan them.  Here are a couple that I just found scans of that I had forgotten to post in September.

It was an overcast day when I did these from a photograph.  I used some while gouache, wet in wet on the second one which I like  better.

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