Sunday, October 7, 2018

End of Fall

Fall is coming to a close, so I'd best get these posted before fall turns to winter.  There is already new snow in the Chilkats.  This first one is once again the willow south of the house from my studio window, painted on Tuesday.  I used some gouache.

I did this one on Wednesday, with Kathy and Ellie from Aimee's landing on the Salmon River, looking across to the Howe cabin.  The next morning, Thursday, there was snow on the far mountains which are east of Excursion Inlet.  The closer mountains, Excursion Ridge are west (our side) of the inlet.  It appears, now, that I exaggerated the color in the cottonwood.

This was from a photo I took on Wednesday.  It is Howe's new house, just down river from the cabin.

Again, my default subject, willow south of the house.  This time I was trying for something a little different with irridescent paint, but it doesn't show here.

Yesterday, I spent a pleasant afternoon painting with Ellie at her lovely
 home.  This was a view of Charlie's house  from her upstairs studio where she creates exquisite quilts. 

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