Sunday, February 14, 2016

Friday and Saturday

Saturday morning, about 5.5x8"
 I've gotten a bit behind in posting here, along with a few other things. Above is what I painted yesterday and below what I painted on Friday, both from the same spot, sitting in my car near the dock.  They are both in a sketch book that I just started using that I bought in England containing what I think is called cartridge paper.  These were done much more quickly than others this month.... drawing first with pen and ink gave definition that would have taken more time with just watercolor, and things really dried fast and I didn't have to wait to add more color..... using watercolor paper in this wet and cold environment, I almost always have 2 things going at once.  The bottom one was done in about a half hour.  The second one longer, as I worked more on the trees with ink.  
Friday Afternoon about 5.5x8 inches

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