Wednesday, February 3, 2016


I didn't state it on my last post, but I vowed to do 29 little watercolors this month  and post here.   I did two today and half of one yesterday.  So now I will put my intentions out there.  We will be traveling to Florida on the 19th and I hope by then I will have some momentum going.  I hope to get back to my oil painting too, though there's a lot of inertia happening on that side of the studio.

about 6x4 inches

This is the half painting I did yesterday.... well maybe less than half.   I added the snow....

about 6x4 inches
 ... over this that I painted  from my window in October 

It has looked much the same for most of the winter.  Yesterday afternoon, we had the first snow  in over a month.  The willow and cottonwoods are budding out.  I think this January was the warmest on record.  And there was lots of rain.

Today, I called my friend Kim and asked if I could go over and paint this morning.  She has a much better view.  I did these 2 from her window towards the mouth of the Salmon River.

about 5x5 inches

about 4x6 inches


Dory R. said...

Hi Carole,
I particularly like the bottom two. You have a wonderful sense of color! Can you tell me what paper you use?


Carole Baker said...

Thank you, Dory,
I can never go too wrong painting this view. I usually use Arches cold press, 140#