Thursday, October 15, 2009


Van and I are back from a short and unproductive fishing trip (salmon trolling). It was the first time I'd been up bay in a couple of years and the first time this time of year in many years. We didn't get up to the glaciers, but awesome scenery none the less. Lots of sea lions, humpbacks and orcas, a brown bear on the beach where we anchored the second night. Thick fog on the third day.

I painted these the first night. Most of the cottonwood were brown or had lost their leaves already but there were a few bright patches. I painted these while we were anchored in North Sandy Cove.

...and painted the same ones again.

I painted this while trolling..... we were heading towards Geike Inlet.

And this while trolling.... not sure where we were.

I worked on my block print while on the trip... carved my key block. I've been working pretty steadily on it since coming home and seem to have blinders for any other image making.

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