Thursday, September 7, 2006

September 8, 2006

I've been working on a commissioned painting for the last couple of weeks, so I haven't been doing too many postcards... the New Year's goal was to do at least a postcard size piece of some kind of art each day, so I have nothing to feel guilty about. I'd have posted sooner but my internet connection is getting worse than it has ever been.... Its really driving me nuts.

We had some beautiful weather last weekend.

I did these from the porch of one of the inns of a hanging pot of petunias on Saturday. The flowers there are awsome, especially the poppies.

The beach was full of activity on Saturday. Lois and Luna were there as they are most days. It wasn't exactly warm, but it wasn't raining.

On Sunday night there was the most fantastic sunset. I was out at the lodge at the park and the end of the year slide show had just ended. First there was a bright fringe of light along the tops of some of the Fairweathers. Then the clouds above the mountains turned a brilliant salmon pink and a beam (actually a shadow) appeared above Mt. Crillon. It looked like a dark colored jet stream. Later beams formed radiating out from other peaks. I didn't have my camera, but painted this the next morning.

Over the weekend, I joined JoAnn and 7 talented women visiting from Juneau and we each painted and decorated pages which we traded and made into books.
This is the cover I mine. I started with paint and collaged. The cranes were cut from a proof of one of my woodcuts. It really doesn't qualify as a watercolor postcard, but here it is anyway.

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