Friday, September 22, 2006


In my first post on this blog I mentioned that the inspiration to start it came from a woman in England whose blog I read, but I never could find it again after reading it once. Well, yesterday I found it! Her name is Julie Oakley and she's at:
She has walked and done a piece of art every day for 147 days so far. Put's me to shame.

We finally had some beautiful weather.... a whole week of it. A couple of freezes at night and the cottonwoods are turning yellow and the fireweed and highbush cranberries are brilliantly red. Thousands of sandhill cranes passed through... most of them took off south on the morning of the 13th just as the fog lifted.

I've been preparing for a month long train trip and will leave tomorrow, so this will be my last posting until the end of October. I hope to have lots of new post cards from new places when I return. Here are a few I've done in the last couple of weeks... actually only three. The others weren't worth scanning.

This is Lupine Lane as seen from the Smokehouse. We live at the end of it... painted on the 13th

On Saturday, JoAnn and I walked down to the river from the Inn and painted in front of Jim and Mel's house. This is another Jim's house.

And today I painted from my window. The cottonwoods are getting prettier everyday. I'll miss seeing the continueing changes, but expect to see some fantastic color on my coming trip.

Today I got together some ATC's to send in for a show and spent a couple of hours working on some more of them. These are some of them. These are all parts of old paintings that didn't work and I cut them up and added lines or more paint. They are really addictive and I would have loved to have kept playing with them all day .... but there is so little time before I leave in the morning. So this is it until the end of October.

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Anonymous said...

looks good, I especially like the mountains in the Sitka ones and the view of Lupine Lane from the smokehouse