Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I worked at the gallery again yesterday, and for once it was pretty busy, but as it was sunny I went outside when I could and sketched the building. I stopped by and painted it today. For the brown shingles, I used some pigment I extracted from clay that I found exposed in construction of the hydro road. I'd never seen any clay this color before around here. I've been told it might be from Mt Edgecumbe erupting some 12,000 years ago.

Last night I biked down to the mouth of the river to watch the sun go down. The sun was so bright that I turned to the east and painted the sky and trees. The sunset was quite beautiful but I didn't paint it. I met Kim on the road who was going down to the beach to watch the full moon come up. It was the southernmost moon in July until 2023 and closer to the horizon than the lowest winter moon. I stayed and waited for it until about 10:30 then biked home before dark. She told me today it was about ll:30 before it came above the island.

Right now the sun is about to set and making beautiful colors in the trees and sky outside my windows. I should bike down to the beach.

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