Sunday, February 10, 2019

Some More Recent Postcards

 Sadly, daily watercolors and posting on this  blog have not been priorities lately.  This first one is of an iceberg in Glacier Bay from a photo I took in 2017.

This was three nights ago from my kitchen window.

From the dock island in my car Saturday, the second.

I used Daniel Smith Lunar blue paint on these last week while it was snowing from photos taken in December. 

This is my funky old stove. 


Dory R. said...

Hi Carole,

Hope you will post again when you are able. I miss seeing your paintings! You are an inspiration!



Carole Baker said...

Thanks for reminding me now I've stopped posting, and as always I appreciate your kind words. I'm recovering from some surgery and getting ready for a show in July. I hope to get back into posting here after the show is hung.