Sunday, January 13, 2019

Yet More Cream Pitchers

 These are some more cream pitchers and I have six more from friends yet to paint. This  one is part of a set inherited from my husbands family.  Its been in a cabinet for 40 years.  I used part of the set it in at least one still life painting, previously.

This is one of my favorites, at least now.

 Another find at the local second-hand store and it will go back soon.

This one is part of the set of dishes I use most days.  I told my aunt many times how much I like the set and she gave them to me when she moved into a condo.

I'm in Juneau for most of a week and haven't had much chance to paint.... medical appointments, shopping and dealing with lots of snow.   On the ferry ride here on Wednesday, I planned to paint and saw the most spectacular sunset, but Lynn Canal was so rough, I was close to nausea.

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