Monday, May 21, 2018

Three New Postcards

I've been having a hard time getting on the internet lately, so behind on getting things posted.

The first postcard is was from the upstairs window yesterday.  Here is from the  same window in February.  we planted the golden willow a long time ago and they've been slow to get much size because the moose trim them every year.

I painted this from my studio window this morning.  The lavender flowers are primroses that are past their prime and the tulips are just coming into color.  I really should have thought more about my composition before I started. I went out in the wind and rain and cut some to bring in the house.  Maybe I'll paint the tomorrow.

This was painted last Wednesday except for the bridge, which I finished yesterday.   The cottonwoods are greener today.  Here is a view I painted last month from a little farther up the river.

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