Friday, April 13, 2018

View Out the Kitchen Window

 Once more, the view out the kitchen window.  It looks so different each time.  I started this yesterday at about 4:30 then stopped to fix dinner and finished this morning and had to darken up things, though sky looks the same.   A bit of rain this morning.  I hope to get outside later to paint.


Dory R. said...

Carole, how do you get such lovely dark greens? Mine never look as natural.

Carole Baker said...

For darks, I start with pthalo Green and anthaquinoid red. Other reds with Pthalo work too. Add a yellow to vary the temperature. For lighter greens, start with pthalo and yellow and add a red for warmth. Sometimes use pthalo blue or green with brown madder, some yellow. I rarely use earth colors for anything. I"ve been using some Daniel Smith Neutral Tint, pretty sure I used in this one, to get things dark when I'm working fast.