Friday, March 9, 2018

Sketchbook Project


I recently read about the Sketchbook Project which you can read about here.  I immediately ordered a blank sketchbook to fill  and this is my second page.... a little spruce and hemlock with snow.  The paper is quite light weight and not really suitable for watercolor.  I drew with a .01 black Micron, painted the snow with watercolor, and added the yellow background with a colored pencil.

It is OK to rebind with different paper which I have decided to do.  I will have to fill the book and put it in the mail by April 30 and will do most of my daily postcards in it until it is full.


Dory R. said...

Carole, just wondering what paper you are going to use in the sketchbook?

Carole Baker said...

I'm using several different ones. Some I'm not sure what they are. I have some Nidiggen, Rives, Arches Cover, and Stonehenge which are all print making papers. I'll use whatever works for watercolor.