Sunday, February 18, 2018

One More Time

I went through my 100's of little paintings yesterday, mostly from around 2006 and so much enjoyed looking at them.  I t was surprised by the changes in the landscape in the last decade and it was interesting to see all the ways I've tried to paint the same places over the years.  I'm so glad I have them... they bring back many wonderful memories.

Well,  I decided to try to do one everyday again and post here.  I'm having a feeling of deja vu, as I've been here before, resolving to paint something everyday and not following through.  Its been especially hard the last few years since I've started doing mostly oils.  Whatever, I'm starting again one more time.

I drove down to the beach and painted this from the car looking east from the dock island.  It's small, about 3x3 inches done in a little handmade book.   Its almost 4 PM now and I haven't done anything yet today.... better get with it if I'm going to.

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