Friday, April 29, 2016


This was from my sun-room window on Wednesday.  Today the willows were a bit more green.

  We are certainly having an earlier spring this year.  This is a photo  I took on April 27, 2013 from the same window.... a more typical spring.


Anonymous said...

Just beautiful.. May 1st brought snow to those of us along the front range in Colorado too. I spent part of Sunday at the Museum in Boulder, CO looking at the

The glaciers were receding and us humans were hunting.. I don't think we have changed much as humans really.. Next meal and stay as comfortable as possible. treat others as you want to be treated...

Thanks for sharing your art! I would post back my own watercolors if I knew how!

Peace and blessings to you, my fellow traveler on this amazing earth trip.

Carole Baker said...

Thank you Fellow Traveler from CO for your kind words and interesting article. I'm glad you enjoy seeing my watercolors.