Saturday, December 29, 2012


watercolor 6 x 9 inches

I spent longer than usual on this painting than I do on most of what I post here.  This is where I've posted my small pieces and sketches.  Any thing that take more than about an hour, I put on my other blog.  

For the first time in a while I've been posting here everyday and to  give myself some help in  continuing, I signed up for a challenge to do 30 paintings in January on Leslie Saeta's blog, joining what is now over a hundred other painters, to do the same.  These are mostly oil painters that are doing more than sketches.  What one calls a painting might not be what I've been doing here.

So today, I decided to do something more than a sketch or small study.

A friend gave me the bamboo box for Christmas and the pears came from another friend in the mail yesterday from Eastern Washington.  I took the pears to the studio in the box to set up a still life and they looked pretty cool in the box, so tried something a little different.

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Polly Birchall said...

Great still life. I do like the warm colours you have used. Have a Happy 2013