Wednesday, February 10, 2010


.... and its not this one. I'm going to abandon this blog again. I started this one in 2006 when I was painting postcards almost daily. These were usually done from life, almost always in less than an hour. When I stopped doing the daily paintings, or maybe I was still trying to do them, I started my other blog, Carole Baker Journal to show my other art work. Though I'm painting almost every day now, I'm not regularly doing the postcards. Lately, I've randomly put the small things in gouache that I've been doing either here or on the other blog and it just doesn't make sense to continue to do so, so this will be the last one here, at least for now.

.... just a small tree I did last month in gouache on a cream colored paper.

So, come on over to my other blog to see what's new. And thank you to all who have visited here and an even more thanks to those who have left a message.

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martinealison said...

Je souhaitais vous envoyer une invitation, cependant je ne pas unir dans ce message la pièce jointe.
Je vous souhaite une agréable journée.