Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Today at noon, I was honored with a belated birthday party hosted by my friend, JoAnn, at the Gustavus Inn.... a garden party on the patio overlooking their beautiful garden. Another friend, Nadine, from Seattle,whose birthday is one year later than mine, came to town yesterday and we shared the honors. Wonderful food and friends. I am so lucky. This morning was overcast and wet, but soon after noon some blue sky started appearing. By the time I left the inn, there were no clouds at all.

JoAnn invited us all to pick flowers, but I choose to paint the garden instead. This is only a small section of it. The garden is full of vegetables which are served to guests as well as a glorious array of flowers.

Afterwards, I went to Kathy's house. She wants me to do a painting of her garden shed which I went to look at and did this quick sketch. I'll go back tomorrow and start something larger, as the weather is suppose to hold.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed "A beautiful day"....JoAnne's garden and Kathy's garden shed. Nice variety of colors. I'm just learning to do water color so I try to analyze how you do things. Are the sketches done with a permanent ink pen?

Jan in Sequim, Wa.

Carole Baker said...

Thank you, Jan, for taking the time to comment. I'm glad you enjoyed my paintings. I often draw with ink first,(prefer waterproof) for these small works. Sometimes I will draw over with ink after painting. I almost always do at least some drawing with pencil first. Keep painting.

Anonymous said...

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