Monday, February 9, 2009


I've really been at a loss for something I want to paint lately. I'd really like some flowers around. This cactus, which I've painted before (seems like I've painted everything around the house at least once ) seemed a little more interesting than most things. I first drew with pencil then painted the green with watercolor followed by the spines with gouache. Then I outlined with a silver Jelly Roll pen. I painted a Mexican sort of design pot which looked goofy, then glued over it wit a piece of paper that I had previously painted and stamped. It was fun.
Monday mornings are busy... I work at the local second hand store until 12 or 1. Today, I took my paints with me, intent on going somewhere afterward to paint, and ended up at the Wing's building at the airport, got a sandwich and prepared to paint the trees and mountains from the window, then Doc came and parked the snowplow right in front of the window and came in and talked while I managed to draw part of the plow above the railing, even while 3 other guys joined us all talking guy talk.

I got tagged by R. Gerriot who is a fabulous painter and who has a great blog with information about photoshop that you can go to by clicking here. The result of being tagged is that I am suppose to list 7 unusual things about myself. So, here's my list.

1. I cut with scissors backwards... I'm left handed and cut with the scissors pointing towards me rather than away. Always have, dispite numerous gifts of left handed scissors.

2. My first trip ever out of Florida where I grew up was when I was 20 and went to California on a Greyhound and worked at Yosemite for the summer.

3. I lived without electricty for most of 8 years.

4. I lived on a one acre island for 3 years.

5. I live in Alaska and never voted for Sarah Palin.... and I always vote.

6. I never voted for Ted Stevens or Don Young either.

7. I've never eaten a Twinkie.

Now I'm suppose to send this to 7 bloggers. But since most all of the blogs I read have already done this I'm just going to list 7 here that I like to read, and hope you will check them out too.


Anonymous said...
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r garriott said...

Hi Carole, I like your fun list of seven, your new profile photo, and your latest postcard.